How we work

By acting, not talking. Community first approach. There must be consultation, co-creation and innovation. Collaboration and cooporation and complete transparency.

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1. By acting, not just talking

To be known through effective action

We know advocacy is linked with effective action, and this is how we aim to achieve the continual improvement of Stockton. Local, State and Federal Government, and corporate bodies influence and often manage our communities by making decisions on our behalf.

We seek to advocate and proactively be aware of these stakeholders and acting to ensure they have Stockton’s best interest in mind at all times. We aim to be more than a group who talk about issues, we aim to promote effective and efficient action on matters the Community raise.

2. Community first

People make the difference and they are core to everything we do

We know that the people of Stockton and the surrounding areas are amazing and can achieve anything when they feel heard, supported and valued. There is so much passion, talent and commitment in our area.
We seek to promote a place where anybody can contribute. We aim to create a space where people feel empowered to use their knowledge, skills to contribute to community improvement, and the confidence to impact our community. We promote a peaceful community that is respectful, trustworthy and honest, through shared commitment, and accountability.

3. There must be consultation

Consultation means involvement from the beginning

We value consultation at every stage of process. Our view is to ensure people are involved and heard, allowing each individual space for their voice and role to play a bigger part in change. We provide a space where each individual can contribute to decisions and actions in a meaningful way to promote ownership.

We facilitate open, honest, and safe communication to provide a central point for community to voice concerns, a place to act, and to provide recommendations to community members, community organisations, Local Council, and other Government and non-Government agencies.

4. Co-creation and innovation

Co-creation starts from a willingness to work towards improving our environment and community

We know that to achieve (what feels like) the impossible requires creative and innovative thinking. This means local planning, development and decision making.

We work toward the enhancement of the physical, social and economic environment of Stockton and hope to build on the historical significance of Stockton to co-create an even better sustainable environment and community.

5. Collaboration and cooperation

Collaboration and cooperation are the core of who we are and what we do

We know to work toward an even better Stockton we must work together. This means creating opportunities for Stockton residents to connect with each other through strong resilient networks.

We seek to foster cooperation to allow community to come together to preserve and enhance the natural, social, historical and community environments in Stockton and surrounding areas.

6. Complete transparency

No game playing

We understand the importance of open, honest, transparent, and pragmatic conversations to building trust and accountability. The hope to keep the community engaged, aware, and informed through being authentic and transparent.

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