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The Stockton Community matters and our voice and actions really do matter.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Francis of Assisi.


It takes a community…

The SCG is a dedicated group of community-orientated volunteers. We come from all walks of life and a variety of cultures and backgrounds. We seek to represent our community and its demography. Together, we present as the ideal team of experienced and highly skilled volunteers to meet your objectives and deliver on your vision.

Stockton Community Group - Who we are

Executive of the SCG

President: Dr Jennifer Allen

Jenny has been in various positions in Higher Education for 30 years fulfilling many roles including teaching, research, managing courses and academic staff and supervising advocacy across the staff and student cohorts of a university. Jenny recently left to undertake voluntarily roles in the local community. Her vision is to support an even better Stockton and her passion is social justice and fairness. Jenny brings the particular skills of governance advocacy, mediation, networking and problem solving and places the community and environment as a central priority to undertaking the role of president.

Secretary: Alison Rigby

Alison is a Stockton resident and recently retired from a 26-year career as a Senior Manager in the University of Newcastle Library.

Alison is known for stakeholder management and client-focused services. Bringing enthusiasm and passion to all projects.

Treasurer: Ian Taggart

Ian is an engineer with research and development experience that began in the Iron and Steel industry before branching out into subsurface oil and gas. Ian subscribes to the view that man-made problems are amenable to man-made solutions. Ian has learnt a great deal over the years in relation to the environment and sustainability and has a particular interest in liquefield natural gas and beach erosion.

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