By the Community.

For the  Community.


Next meeting: 7.15pm, Wednesday 8 June 2022, venue: Uniting Church Hall, Corner Mitchell and King Streets, Stockton. Guest speaker: Orica.

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Stockton Community Group is a dedicated group of volunteers passionate about supporting community members, and addressing local needs. The SCG aims to support and maintain the health and vibrancy of the social and natural environment of Stockton and surrounding areas.


How you can get involved

You can see How we workContact us or Get involved.

Stockton Community Group

Initially formed with a goal to challenge breaches made by corporate businesses concerning the environment, with a view to achieve a more sustainable local environment.

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How we work

By acting, not talking. Community first approach. There must be consultation, co-creation and innovation. Collaboration and complete transparency.

Our people

The Stockton Community matters and our voice and actions really do matter. The SCG is a dedicated group of community-orientated volunteers.

What we do

We tap into people’s diverse expertise and experience to provide a forum where residents can share ideas, suggestions, opinions and problems for action.