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Capital Works Updates

Capital Works updates from Newcastle City Council 2021-2022. Read more.

Civic Works Reports

Civic Works Reports from Newcastle City Council. Read more.

Stockton Coastal Management Plan

Stockton Beach is precious to its community and to those who visit Stockton. To help protect and preserve the area, City of Newcastle (CN) has developed a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for Stockton in partnership with the local community. Read more.

Upgrade to Mitchell Street, Stockton

City of Newcastle engaged with the local community in this project to understand what was important and how Mitchell Street could be improved. Read more.

Stockton Beach Works Updates

Rolling updates from the City of Newcastle on the updates of the coastal works at Stockton Beach. Read more.


It takes a community…

The SCG Inc. is a dedicated group of community-orientated volunteers. We come from all walks of life and a variety of cultures and backgrounds. We seek to represent our community and its demography. Together, we present as the ideal team of experienced and highly skilled volunteers to meet your objectives and deliver on your vision.

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